Christian Tribe of Yahweh

God would not possibly be mistaken in saying that his name is for all generations. There is no other Bible portion that negates this position from the Bible.

If we agree scripture called for the name to be spoken... and pronounced... regularly, why should it become not permissible, when that would not come from scripture, but rather the traditions I mentioned? If it is said that because we do not know how it is pronounced, why presume to know it, that is very much something I am referring to about being forgotten, even if Jews can know the four consonants. I do not know about when Christians were forgetting it, but it was not forgotten among the first Christians. But my point is that if God said it was for all generations, as God would not be mistaken about it, and knowing all the history yet to come, it is logical the name with its pronunciation was not totally forgotten, even if most Jews will not use it, even with saying that the pronunciation is forgotten, although generally not for that reason. There is ancient Greek writing that is known that puts the pronunciation with Greek letters. As God knew what he was saying, it is reasonable to conclude this preserved pronunciation is the true one, with is no likely contender.

I have just seen two reproductions of God's name as the ancient Greeks could write it in their writing, and it was with the Greek letters. The ancient Greeks did not have the consonants used in their language for Y, J, V, or W, any of which are thought to be part of God's name, the Greeks writing the name would use Greek sounds that they would think came closest to it. Vowel sounds of languages are universal. It can be noticed that vowels in the Greek writing, first 'alpha' and then 'epsilon', would give the vowel pronunciation for the name. As the four consonants of God's name are known anyway in Hebrew, the pronunciation should not be a mystery and thought of as something incapable of being settled. As I said, God said his name was to be remembered for all generations, and as God could not be mistaken to tell us that, we would necessarily have access to that pronunciation. Our rendering of it in our language as 'Yahweh' makes total sense on the basis of knowing about the Hebrew consonants and the Greek rendition in their writing.
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