Christian Tribe of Yahweh

Christian Tribe of Yahweh is a group for uniting believers in Yahweh who want to promote his name and believe in Jesus Christ.

This group is here for those who believe in Yahweh who is God, the self-existent Creator and God of all the universe; and revere His name; and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ; and know to flee sin and materialism that compromises the lives of Christians in this age; and also care enough for the condition of the world around us and want to help in making a community with these values that will seek the best way to live in harmony with our natural environment.  Let us give Yahweh God His place in our lives.  Our group takes a true Biblical position.  Questions are answered here, and fellowship and prayer are encouraged.  Come join Christian Tribe of Yahweh for real Christian fellowship in our dialogue, with a hope for growth to something more, even a close-knit community living responsibly.


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